Mixedteam aus Dublin/Wien (Dylan McCarthy und Marina Kojić) gewinnt Viennna IV 2024

Datum: 17. Mai 2024
Kategorie: Turniere

Wo könnte man den Eurovision Song Contest besser genießen als in geselliger Runde mit mehr als einhundert internationalen Debattant*innen beim Plutzer Bräu im 7. Bezirk von Europas lebenswerter Stadt Wien?

Dylan McCarthy und Marina Kojić Photo by Lucie S. (https://www.lucietakesphotos.com/)

Das war nicht die Frage, zu der sich die Teams Zagreb TBA (Teck Wei Tan, Tin Puljić; Eröffnende Regierung), Working Class A (Dylan McCarthy, Marina Kojić; Dublin und Wien; Eröffnende Opposition), Like and Subscribe (Rumen Marinov, Niki Angelov; Sofia;  Schließende Regierung) und Oxford mysterious & mischievous (Elena Radulescu, Aidan Young Je Woo; Schließende Opposition) im offenen Finale beweisen mussten. Stattdessen lautete die Motion „Dieses Haus würde die Invasionsmacht bekämpfen, anstatt sich zu ergeben“ (orig. This house would fight the invading force as opposed to surrendering; Infoslide siehe unten). Dem Team Working Class A gelang der Sieg im Finale und damit auch der Sieg des diesjährigen Vienna IV Turniers.

Der Ausrichtungsort des offenen Finales Photo by Lucie S. (https://www.lucietakesphotos.com/)

Das offene Finale wurde von Martha McKinney-Perry im Chair, gemeinsam mit Amitai Ben Porat, Aymaan Sheikh, Daan Spackler, Kay Powers und Zach Godley-McAvoy juriert.

Das Turnier wurde vom Debattierklub Wien ausgerichtet. Es gab insgesamt fünf Vorrunden. Das CA Team bildeten Ayal Mor, Jessica Musulin, Lucy Murphy, Victor Bervoets, Zach Godley-McAvoy und Đorđe Radosavljević.  Leitend wurde das Turnier von Aleksandra Durbazeva und Theo Dorfner organisiert. Anton Gonta war Haupt-Reg-Officer und Accessibility Officer. Für Sponsoring & Operations war Samuel Summer zuständig; für Social Media Anastasiia Seneliuk.

Die Teambreaks

Neben dem offenen Break wurde auch in den Kategorien ESL (English as a Second Language) und Novice gebreakt.

Offener Teambreak:

  1. Oxford B(rown boys reunion) (Tanae Rao, Aniket Chakravorty, 13 Pkt.)
  2. Zagreb TBA (Teck Wei Tan, Tin Puljić, 13 Pkt.)
  3. Manchester A (Lucie Slamova, Wajeeh Maaz, 13 Pkt.)
  4. Like and Subscribe (Rumen Marinov, Niki Angelov, 12 Pkt.)
  5. EUDU (B)e (F)r (Cyrus Braden, Eli Ferrell, 12 Pkt.)
  6. Big K and Smol A (Ana Coman, Klaudia Maciejewska, 11 Pkt.)
  7. Always committed to the bit, but not to each other (Jack Stanley, Alex McCreadie, 11 Pkt.)
  8. TBA (Alek and Velina) (Velina Andonova, Alek Selveliev, 11 Pkt.)
  9. Working Class A (Dylan McCarthy, Marina Kojić, 11 Pkt.)
  10. Munich Skill Issue (Philipp Steen, Uzair Tajuddin, 11 Pkt.)
  11. We wanted Mor (Lilach Laila Ben David, Guy Wolf, 11 Pkt.)
  12. Higher Speaks = Higher Jackierarchy (Jack Williams, Jack Palmer, 10 Pkt.)
  13. St Andrews Critique of pure Rizzen (William Smith, Alastair Bowyer, 10 Pkt.)
  14. Oxford mysterious & mischievous (Elena Radulescu, Aidan Young Je Woo, 10 Pkt.)
  15. please ask us about recent drama (Fraser McConachie, Helena Hecke, 10 Pkt.)
  16. TCD Phil B(lack team) (Henrietta Vanni, Hilary Vanni, 10 Pkt.)

ESL Teambreak:

  1. Zagreb B(rze cvike brzo osvajaju srca) (Lara Subotičanec, Lovro Marušić, 10 Pkt.)
  2. Zagreb not Tin this time (Patrik Branšajd, Ema Vlajčević, 10 Pkt.)
  3. Don’t tell our debate club we’re here (Tory Nguyen, David Safro, 10 Pkt.)
  4. ESDA Chronos Jap and Jew (Idan Ben Avi, Leon Kersten, 10 Pkt.)
  5. EDS d^7y/dx^7 (Aniket Godbole, Anna Cox, 9 Pkt.)
  6. Weizmann DR (Ro’i Makov, Dror Brook, 9 Pkt.)
  7. UAM derivative? and what else, integral? (Wiktor Chałupniczak, Hanna Szczerbińska, 9 Pkt.)
  8. Weizmann DS (Dvij Chaitanya Mankad, Shachar Gold, 9 Pkt.)

Novice Teambreak:

  1. Levski (Adelina Galabinova, Tanya Anastasova, 9 Pkt.)
  2. Warsaw Sorry heart, Expresso comes first (Jan Żuk, Weronika Hupert, 9 Pkt.)
  3. Botev (Valentin Katzarov, Kaloyan Kotzev, 8 Pkt.)
  4. Berlin Transatlantic Yappers (Sergey Shkolnikov, Marc Bélorgey, 8 Pkt.)

Juror*innen und Top-Redner*innen

Als Juror*innen breakten außerdem: Alishba Irfan, Amitai Ben Porat, Ananya Krishna, Andrew Chen, Arjun Raman, Ayal Mor, Aymaan Sheikh, Brina Verdnik, Daan Spackler, Deon Kiew Shou Fung, Dominic Ferris, Đorđe Radosavljević, Guyberli van Thuijl, Jagoda Sabljic, Jessica Musulin, Katie Kiely, Kay Powers, Krish Singh, Lara Dragojevic, Lucy Murphy, Martha McKinney-Perry, Matija Pusnik, Michaela Georgia Vachou Peirantakou, Mira Eberdorfer, Neva Ensminger-Holland, Oisín Browne, Paula Breyer, Petar Enidar, Stefan Josipovic, Stuart Johnson, Tara Stojanovic, Theo Simion, Victor Bervoets, Viadimira Suflaj und Zach Godley-McAvoy.

Die besten 10 Redner*innen (Durchschnittliche Punktzahl Speaks) auf diesem Turnier:

1. Ana Coman (⌀ 82,40 Pkt.)
2=. Alek Selveliev (⌀ 82,20 Pkt.)
2=. Tanae Rao (⌀ 82,20 Pkt.)
4. Rumen Marinov (⌀ 82,00 Pkt.)
5=. Tin Puljić (⌀ 81,80 Pkt.)
5=. Klaudia Maciejewska (⌀ 81,80 Pkt.)
5=. Jack Stanley (⌀ 81,80 Pkt.)
5=. Aniket Chakravorty (⌀ 81,80 Pkt.)
9=. Lucia Slamova (⌀ 81,60 Pkt.)
9=. Niki Angelov (⌀ 81,60 Pkt.)

Die Themen

Und natürlich dürfen auch die Themen des Turniers im großen Überblick nicht fehlen:

Runde 1: In countries where private ownership is illegal, This house would not destroy expropriated products of poaching (e.g. ivory, turtle shells, tiger furs, etc.)

Runde 2: This house supports the banning of non-compete clauses.

Infoslide: A non-compete clause usually refers to a clause in an employment contract, where the employee agrees not to enter into or start a similar profession in competition to their employer for a specified duration

Runde 3: Presuming the process is peaceful, This house supports the break-up of the world’s super states* *USA, Russia, China, India and Brazil

Runde 4: This house supports self declaration for adults with conditions that do not currently have a biological test.

Infoslide: In the status quo, there are many illnesses and conditions (e.g. M.E., IBS, Chronic Pain, ADHD, Autism) that do not have a biological test but rather are diagnosed after often lengthy ruling out processes and at the discretion of the medical community. Self declaration is the process of claiming yourself to be someone having a disability, condition or neurodiversity.

Runde 5: This house supports absolute free speech on social media platforms.

Offenes Viertelfinale & ESL Halbfinale: This house, as a young woman in South Korea, would engage in 4B.

Infoslide: As a response to patriarchy, the 4B movement in South Korea stands for bihon, bichulsan, biyeonae, bisekseu: no marriage, childbirth, romance or sex with men.

Offenes Halbfinale: This house believes that, in the 21st century, Christianity is a force for good in the developing world.

Offenes Finale: This house would fight the invading force as opposed to surrendering.

Infoslide: You are the leader of a small medieval city state with a peasant population of 10,000, in addition to an elite military guard of 1,000. Your scouts have reported an invading force from the north numbering 10,000, due to arrive in a week. Your city is strongly fortified, and has supplies which would last a few weeks. The people have faith in you as a leader, but are understandably fearful of the invasion.

ESL Finale: This house believes that the minor gods should unionise.

Infoslide: For the purposes of this debate, assume all gods exist in a competitive market. Gods must compete for human belief in order to gain strength. If belief falls below a certain level, the God will exist only as a memory, though could be brought back into existence if human belief in them is sufficient. For example, Greek Gods are a memory but have no concrete form nor power. Humans are unaware of the deity marketplace. Minor gods are either gods in non-major religions or minor gods in major religions.

Novice Finale: This house regrets the trend of trad wives on social media.

Infoslide: ‘Trad wives’ are a social media driven subculture, often involving prominent millennial and Gen-Z stay-at home mums, wives, and girlfriends who live the lifestyle of a ‘traditional wife’. Popular creators (e.g. Nara Smith – mother to Slim Easy, Rumble Honey and Whimsy Lou – yes these are their real names) typically do not argue the merits of this lifestyle for everyone, but frequently go viral in videos doing things like making foods from scratch, doing their make-up, etc.


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  1. Konrad G. sagt:

    Gratulation. Schöne Themen und ein starkes Teilnehmerfeld! 🙂

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