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„How Dangerous Spaces Debating would work“ – Shengwu Li on the current discussion on setting motions

"How Dangerous Spaces Debating would work" – Shengwu Li on the current discussion on setting motionsAfter Tim Squirrel provoked a debate on free speech, Amanda Moorghen, deputy chief adjudicator of this year's European Universities Debating Championship in Vienna, proposed in a comment on Facebook that chief adjudicators (CAs) should take the debaters' feelings into consideration when setting motions: "Your race, your gender – these are things which affect the feelings a motion creates in you. It is wrong when, even unintentionally, we only selectively attempt to avert the suffering of others."  The post got a lot of attention. Shengwu Li, European Champion 2009 and best speaker of the World Univeristies Debating Championship in 2010, answered ...
8. April 2015 | Redakteur: | Kategorie: International, Jurieren | mit 3 Kommentaren

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