WUDC 2017 – Die Ergebnisse des VDCH nach Tag 2

Datum: 30. Dezember 2016
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NachWUDC-Logo zwei Tagen sind sechs Vorrunden absolviert. Bevor es morgen die drei letzten Chancen zum Punktesammeln gibt, werfen wir einen Blick auf den aktuellen Punktestand:

Bamberg 6P.

Bayreuth 8P.

Berlin A 7P.

Berlin B 9P.

Berlin C 9P.

Friedrichshafen 6P.

Göttingen 7P.

Iserlohn 8P.

Kiel 6P.

Köln A 7P.

Köln B 7P.

Münster 11P.

Tübingen A 11P.

Tübingen B 5P.

Wien A 10P.

Wien B 10P.

Wien C 8P.


Die Themen:

R1: THBT post-genocidal regimes should destroy all places of extermination (for example, death camps).

R2: THW allow members of the armed forces to form labour unions.

R3: THBT sports leagues should significantly tax and redistribute from wealthier teams to poorer teams.

R4: In areas with rapidly rising property prices, THW suspend all restrictions on property development that are not health and safety requirements (for example, environmental zoning regulations, building height restrictions, and regulations on the appearance of buildings).

R5: THBT the Netherlands should allow citizens to purchase additional votes from the government at a cost proportional to their wealth (for example, one additional vote for 1% of wealth).

Fact sheet: The Netherlands has a political system with many political parties in which no one party typically gets a majority of the vote. Seats in the parliament are allocated in proportion to the number of votes received by each party on a national level (“proportional representation”). The government is formed by the coalition of parties that has a majority in the parliament.

R6: THBT the world would be a better place if women from privileged backgrounds turned down any benefits arising from affirmative action programs.


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  1. Saskia sagt:

    Das steht sicher irgendwo in einem anderen Artikel, aber wer sind denn die Debattierenden in den VDCH-Teams?
    Aber das wichtigste: viel Glück weiterhin!! #Sprung

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