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Leiden Open 2015

Leiden Open 2015For the eleventh time, the Leiden Debating Union will host the Leiden Open. The tournament will last from February 28 to March 1 and features five preliminary rounds and breaks into semi-finals as well as a novice final. The tournament will be on Saturday and Sunday, but there will be a social on Friday night. A detailed schedule will be announced soon on the tournament’s facebook event. There will be one Chief Adjudicator (CA) with three Deputy Chief Adjudicators (DCAs): CA Daan Welling won last year’s Leiden Open and was a finalist at the World Universities Debating Championships (WUDC) in Berlin 2013. ...
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Clickbait für Debattierer

Clickbait für DebattiererDas Internetzeitalter hat auch das Debattieren verändert. Das Leben wird digital, Wissen wird frei verfügbar und Kommunikation so einfach wie nie - wenn man sich findet. Denn das Internet ist leider sehr unübersichtlich. Inspirierende Blogbeiträge, erhellende Hintergrundartikel und unbekannte Perspektiven können leicht verloren gehen. Deshalb verschafft die Achte Minute an dieser Stelle einen Überblick über die wichtigsten Ressourcen, die frei zugänglich von Debattierern für Debattierer bereitgestellt werden. Das Spektrum reicht von metatheoretischen Abhandlungen bis hin zu lustigen Videos. Akademische Lektüre Der erfolgreiche australische Debattierclub Monash Association of Debaters veröffentlicht seit 2002 jährlich das Monash Debating Review. Das Journal kann Beiträge von sehr hoher ...
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EUDC 2014 – Die Ergebnisse des European Council

EUDC 2014 - Die Ergebnisse des European CouncilDer Council der European Universities Debating Championships (EUDC, Euros) bestimmt jedes Jahr, wo die übernächste EUDC ausgerichtet werden wird. Am Samstag, dem 23.08., dem letzten Tag der EUDC 2014 in Zagreb, entschied sich der Council für Warschau als Austragungsort der EUDC 2016. Neben der Vergabe der zukünftigen Euros und trifft das Gremium jedoch auch andere Entscheidungen, die die Europäischen Debattiermeisterschaften als Ganzes betreffen. Achte Minute-Korrespondent Nikos Bosse hat die deutsche Repräsentantin Teresa Widlok zum Council-Meeting begleitet und fasst die Ereignisse zusammen. Etwa fünfzig Debattierer aus ganz Europa saßen im Council zusammen, um sich zu beraten und Entscheidungen für das europäische ...
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EUDC 2014 – Winners and Top Speakers

EUDC 2014 – Winners and Top SpeakersThe European Universities Debate Champions 2014 have been announced. In the category English as a Second Language, Stefan Siridzanski and Helena Ivanov from Belgrade B in Opening Opposition won the debate with the motion „This house would, assuming it was technically feasible, remove the ability of soldiers to feel fear.” In the Open final, Adam Hawksbee and Matthew Willmore from Sheffield A in Closing Opposition were able to beat their competitors in a debate with the motion „This house believes that the feminist movement should oppose military interventions that claim to further women's rights.” [caption id="attachment_24372" align="alignright" width="240"] Venue of the Open and ESL ...
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Cambridge wins Paris Open 2014, Lund wins ESL final

Cambridge wins Paris Open 2014, Lund wins ESL finalAshish Kumar and Michael Dunn Goekjian have won the Paris Open 2014. The final jury unanimously decided that the team from Cambridge prevailed as Opening Opposition to the following motion: This House supports the unlimited use of war-time propaganda which aims to dehumanise the enemy. The Top of the tab team Pascal A (Alon van Dam, Harish Natarajan) was in Opening Government, Belgrade A (Helena Ivanov, Stefan Siridžansky) spoke in Closing Government, and Matthew Willmore and Scott Ralston from the team Wigglypuf in Closing Opposition. [caption id="attachment_22946" align="alignright" width="400"] Michael Dunn Goekjian offers a POI while his team partner Ashish Kumar ...
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Copenhagen Open 2014

Copenhagen Open 2014From May 2nd to May 3rd the first international tournament in the history of Danish Debating will take place in Copenhagen. The Copenhagen Open 2014 will be hosted by the CBS Debating Society, Convenors are Erik Thompson (Convenor) and Jeen Chun (Deputy Convenor). It features 5 preliminary rounds with 7 minute speeches, Semi-Finals and a Final. “The tournament is designed to help foster the small debate circuit in Scandinavia”, the convenor explains on facebook. Therefore at least one of the speakers in every team has to be in their first year of university debating. The Chief Adjudicators (CAs) of the Copenhagen Open ...
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Be classy and suit up: The Lustrum Leiden Open 2014

Be classy and suit up: The Lustrum Leiden Open 2014Ruairidh Macintosh and Daan Welling from Leiden/St Andrews won the Lustrum Leiden Open 2014. The team with the name “Two Guys” beat 57 other teams from all over the world who attended the Dutch tournament. The decision was very narrow: The judging panel took very long to come to a conclusion, in the end favouring “Two Guys” in a 4-3 split decision. Ruairidh also was the best speaker after the five preliminary rounds, scoring 81.8 points on average and remarkable 89 points in the fifth round. The full team and speaker tab is available online. Martijn Otten, Lisa Schallenberg and Gigi ...
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The UK Debate Challenge (UKDC) 2013

The UK Debate Challenge (UKDC) 2013 "Following on from the success of UKDC last year, we're delighted to invite you to UKDC 2013, a World’s prep quality IV with a strong judging pool, an affordable registration fee, and a welcoming and inclusive debating environment including a novice break." says the UKDC OrgCom. As a not-for-profit tournament, 100% of the registration fees will be used to deliver great judges, food, and socials. While this year's UKDC is being graciously hosted at Nottingham Trent University and convened by Leah Wright, UKDC as a whole is run collaboratively by an experienced team from many different supporting UK universities. Details: Chief Adjudicators: Sally Rooney ...
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Roosevelt Open

Roosevelt OpenOn October 11 and 12 the Roosevelt Debating Society will host the second edition of the Roosevelt Open. The tournament will be held in lovely Middelburg, all the way in the south-west corner of the Netherlands. Last year's Open was a great success, and this year the Org Comm promise a well-organized and fun tournament. Through collaboration with the Nationale Jeugdraad (NJR), they strive to make this tournament environmentally friendly. Concise info: British Parliamentary 7-minute speeches 5 rounds & break to semis Max €25 per speaker Domestic team cap of 5 Total team cap of 40 N-1 Adjudication Rule Registration Chief Adjudicators: Daan Welling: EUDC 2012 ESL Champion, WUDC 2013 ...
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“Five ideas for debating” by Daan Welling

"Five ideas for debating" by Daan WellingAchte Minute features today a online post by Daan Welling that can also be found on his blog. He says, that as he is now part of the “old crowd” on the Dutch debating scene, he thinks it ought to be time for him to sit down on the sofa of self-appointed wisdom, and give some general suggestions, ideas and inspirations for the coming debating season. We are excited to see what you think about his ideas. I think our circuit is incredibly fun and inclusive, and serves as a great addition to one’s (student) life. Nonetheless, there are always ...
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