EUDC 2015 – The first two days

Datum: 4. August 2015
Kategorie: International, Turniere

The first three days and six open rounds of the European Universities Debating Championships are already over. Tomorrow the competing teams will debate three more rounds without getting the results before the break will be announced at the Pratersauna.

The Adjudication Team published the resultes in a Google-Doc, which is available online.

The results of competing teams of debating societies of the VDCH – Association of German Speaking University Debating Societies are listed here:


Registration Desk on the first day of Vienna EUDC 2015. (c) Vienna EUDC 2015

Berlin A – 9 points (Florian Grünwald and Tanja Maximow, Berlin)

Berlin B – 8 points (Christof Kebschull and Frederick Aly, Berlin)

Berlin C – 6 points (Tobias Münch and Robin Mesarosch, Berlin)

DCJG A – 10 points (Nicolas Eberle and Willy Witthaut, Mainz)

BDS A – 10 points (Julian Vaterrodt and Florian Schneider, Iserlohn)

DCGA A – 5 points (Quirin Blomberg and Alexander Osterkorn, Göttingen)

DCGA B – 5 points (Sebastian Schwab and Ruwen Fritsche, Göttingen)

DCH A – 8 points (Sören Dittmann and Anne Gaa, Heidelberg/Berlin mixed)

DCJ A – 5 points (Tina Rudolph and Patrizia Hertlein, Jena)

LMU A – 9 points (Melda Eren and Wladi Jachtchenko, München)

LMU B – 8 points (Benjamin Siegel and Reinhold Koch, München)

LMU C – 6 points (Phillip Müller and Calyxx Peucker, Friedrichshafen/München mixed)

SKT A – 8 points (Konrad Gütschow and Nikos Bosse, Tübingen)

Tilbury A – 8 points (Ruben Dillmann and Linda Nolden, Köln)

Tilbury B – 8 points (Artem Korchemsky and Leo Mittag, Köln)

Tilbury C – 5 points (Helena Hecke and Joachim Wend, Köln)

UKI A – 6 points (Aleksandar Markovic and Rauad Abagela, Kiel)

The motions for the first six rounds read:

R1: This House pay all elected politicians the median wage in their country.

R2: This House believes that when multi-national corporations conduct any business in Western states, these nations should enforce their environmental standards at all stages of production.

R3: This House believes that Western states should not use private military contractors in combat.

R4: This House would ban any treatment, service or ritual from claiming a physical healing effect until it is tested and proven more effective than a placebo by a national regulator.

R5: This House believes that the European Union should lift its arms embargo on China.

R6: This House would only allow the media and campagning organisations to depict or publish information about the deceased in a tragedy with the explicit permission of the family.

The organisation committee already published videos from day 1 and day 2 on YouTube and fotos on Facebook.

You can read the latest updates on the Vienna EUDC’s fanpage and on Twitter under #EUDC.



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